May 16, 2011

Statement from University of Chicago's Urban Education Institute John Dewey Director Timothy Knowles

Previously posted on April 18, 2011

"Mayor-elect Emanuel has selected a remarkably talented team," said Urban Education Institute John Dewey Director Timothy Knowles.

"The team includes exemplary former teachers, effective school leaders and dedicated parents of children in the Chicago Public Schools - the three pillars for building world class schools. We look forward to working closely with Jean-Claude Brizard and his new administration as they work to address the pressing challenges facing the Chicago Public Schools.

"The University of Chicago Urban Education Institute (UEI) is dedicated to creating knowledge to produce reliably excellent schooling for children growing up in urban America. UEI conducts rigorous research, trains outstanding teachers and leaders for urban schools, creates scalable tools to improve teaching and learning, and operates a charter management organization dedicated to college success for children from across Chicago's South Side."