May 24, 2011

What Public Safety Leaders Are Saying About the Redeployment of 500 C.P.D. Officers To Chicago Neighborhoods

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

"Public safety is a matter of law enforcement, education and community involvement, therefore, the fact that Mayor Emanuel initiated this within his first 10 days demonstrates his commitment to the strength and safety our neighborhoods. I look forward to seeing the additional developmental investments that his administration will make in our youth and all of our communities."  

Pastor Charles Jenkins

Fellowship Missionary Baptist Church


“Although I have not seen the detailed deployment plan, I fully support Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy’s commitment to strengthening the Patrol Division of the Chicago Police Department. The Patrol Division is the backbone of all police departments, critical to its crime fighting strategy.”

Terry Hillard

Former Chicago Police Superintendent


 “The announcement today by Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy that 500 additional police officers will be working in the communities and neighborhoods hardest hit by violent crime is an important, tangible step in ensuring all neighborhoods are safe and thriving.  Doing so with an eye towards building community partnerships and strengthening the relationship between officers on the street and the community they serve is vitally important to the success of this effort. It is reassuring to learn that the Superintendent will be evaluating the impact of this strategy to ensure the goals of community safety are being fully realized. I would be hard pressed to identify a higher priority for the city than tackling violent crime and gun violence in particular given that we estimate gun violence costs the city of Chicago about $2.5 billion annually.”

Roseanna Ander

Executive Director, University of Chicago Crime Lab