October 20, 2011

Mayor Rahm Emanuel Addresses City's First Chicago Investor Conference

Hundreds of investors from across the country attend conference to learn about Chicago’s economic opportunities

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today spoke to hundreds of members of the financial community from across the country who came to Chicago to attend the first-ever Chicago Investor Conference. Joined by financial experts, Emanuel administration leaders and City Treasurer Stephanie Neely, Mayor Emanuel encouraged investors to consider all that Chicago has to offer and discussed the changes the administration is making in four key areas to ensure Chicago is a world-class city with a secure future.

“Chicago is a central hub for business and culture in our country and across the globe,” said Mayor Emanuel. “I’m focused on not only highlighting what we have to offer, but on making the investments necessary to secure a prosperous future. We have two major airports, the rail hub for the United States, a first class public transportation system, outstanding colleges and universities and the hardest working people in America. All of these factors come together as part of an integrated whole, and they are all the reasons why businesses should invest here, and why our city will continue to grow and prosper. Chicago will be a city that shapes its own future.”

Mayor Emanuel outlined four areas of government reform that his administration is pursuing to help make Chicago the most business friendly city in the country:

  • Creating a better environment to do business in Chicago.
  • Pursuing reforms and efficiencies in government.
  • Increasing economic development in the city of Chicago.
  • Investing in critical infrastructure repair and development.

The Chicago Investor Conference was developed and spearheaded as part of Mayor Emanuel’s ongoing efforts to improve communications with the financial community and boost investor interest by showcasing Chicago’s opportunities as a transportation hub, academic capital and economic growth engine. In part, these increased efforts led to all three rating agencies affirming city’s ratings this week, a move that could save the City $30 million over 20 years through better interest rates.

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