April 27, 2012

Mayor Emanuel, Governor Quinn, Senator Durbin and Others Announce Key Improvemen​ts Along CTA's North Red Line Stations

$86 Million Initial Project is Part of $1 Billion Rehabilitation of City’s Busiest Train Line

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CHICAGO - Mayor Rahm Emanuel, Governor Pat Quinn and Senator Dick Durbin gathered today to announce CTA North Red Line station improvements that will be taking place in the coming weeks.The $86 million project will involve seven stations: Jarvis, Morse, Granville, Thorndale, Berwyn, Argyle, and Lawrence. The funding comes from a mix of federal and local resources, and will generate approximately 250 full-time equivalent jobs.

“I am committed to repairing the city’s crucial infrastructure and creating the opportunity for Chicagoans to move around the city and get to and from work with ease,” said Mayor Emanuel. “The North Red Line improvements will have a direct impact on the lives of thousands of Chicagoans on a daily basis and are the exact sort of improvements we need to make to advance our status as one of the world’s leading cities.”

Funding for the North Red Station Interim Improvements is part of the CTA’s $1 billion Red Line Capital Investment initiative announced in November 2011 by Mayor Emanuel, Gov. Quinn, Sen. Durbin and CTA President Forrest Claypool.  In addition to the North Red 7 stations improvement project, the $1B Red Line investment will include a number of other projects on the Howard branch of the Red Line, including a complete reconstruction of the Wilson station (est. $200M); Major station rehabs at Sheridan, Bryn Mawr and Loyola stations (costs TBD); Red and Purple Line Viaduct improvements; and Electrical substation improvements.

“Illinois’ strong transportation systems serve as a key advantage in attracting new businesses and jobs to our state,” Governor Quinn said. “Millions of people use the CTA every day, and these investments will pave the way for future economic growth and strengthen our transportation network for generations to come."

"The Red Line is the heart of the CTA rail network,” said Senator Durbin. “It is also one of the oldest CTA rail lines and most in need of repair. The upgrades and improvements to the Red Line will put Chicago in the position to continue providing world-class mass transit services. While federal funding for new mass transit projects is highly competitive in Washington, approximately $80 million of the total $86 million project we're announcing today is federal funding. The federal government is helping CTA make desperately needed improvements to the Red Line because time and again we've argued that mass transit in Chicago should be a national priority. In the coming weeks, as a member of the Conference Committee that will work out the differences between the House and Senate transportation bills, I'll be working to advance a bill that creates jobs and protects public transit, among other Illinois priorities."

The project work at these stations will include viaduct repairs, platform repairs or replacement, station water proofing, lighting improvements and new station house finishes, such as floors, doors, windows and lighting. These improvements will increase the safety and comfort of CTA passengers, while enhancing the appearance of the station and surrounding structures.

These stations are among the oldest in the system – some of them nearly or exceeding 100 years old. The forthcoming Red & Purple Modernization Project (RPM) will extend these advancements in the coming years.

“Local, state, and federal officials came together on this project to improve the quality of public transportation experience for Red Line riders while creating needed jobs for Chicagoans,” said U.S. Representative Jan Schakowsky. “Important improvements like repairs to viaducts and platforms to Chicago’s most-traveled rail line will also go a long way to ensure the safety of riders. This is a critical investment for not only our rail system but our local economy.”

“This effort is more than just an investment in local transit infrastructure; it is an investment in the economic future of a new Chicago,” said U.S. Representative Mike Quigley. “These long-term investments will have a ripple effect throughout the entire regional economy. Not only will they create green jobs, but they will ease congestion, attract people and businesses, and encourage additional development along the lines.” 

“The commitment we are making to the Red Line will result in major repairs and overhauls at points all along the busiest line in the CTA system,” Claypool said. “When this work is complete, the CTA, state, city and, most importantly, our customers and residents will be able to say we’ve made the biggest investment in history to make the CTA better. We look forward to starting this work on the North Red Line soon. Our customers and residents deserve no less than the best we can offer and this will make that possible in a significant way.”

The $1 billion refurbishment of the Red Line from its northern terminus to the 95th Street station includes several individual projects to improve stations, tracks, viaducts, and power and runs from this year to 2015 that includes federal, state and local funding sources.

The funding breakdown for the $1 billion overhaul is:

  • $702 million in State funds from the Illinois Jobs Now program
  • $256 million in federal funds
  • $44 million in local CTA and City funds

Work on the rehabilitation of these stations is expected to begin immediately.

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