December 17, 2012

Mayor Emanuel, Supt. McCarthy and Police Department Celebrate Police Recruit Graduation and Promotion of Sergeants and Command Staff

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

CHICAGO – Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy today announced the graduation of 41 police recruits, along with the promotion of 40 new sergeants, three new Commanders and a new Deputy Chief at a ceremony held this morning at Navy Pier.

“Each of you has demonstrated courage and commitment to arrive here today,” stated Mayor Rahm Emanuel in congratulating the new probationary police officers and sergeants. “The stars that you all proudly wear were earned through sacrifice. But there is no sacrifice that is more worthwhile because there is no more important duty than to serve and protect our communities.”

In addition to the police recruit graduation and promotion of sergeants, five newly appointed command staff members were formally introduced and recognized at today’s ceremony. 

Leo Schmitz, formerly the Commander of the 7th District, was promoted to Deputy Chief and will still be responsible for the day to day operations of the 7th District; Commander Linda Flores is the new Executive Officer for the Special Functions Group; Lt. Francis Valadez, formerly assigned to the 2nd District was promoted to Commander of the 14th District; Captain James Jones, formerly assigned as the Executive Officer of the 5th District, was promoted to Commander and will head the 20th District; Lt. Jose G. Ramirez, formerly assigned to the Organized Crime Division, was promoted to Commander of the 17th District.   

Superintendent McCarthy thanked the newly promoted sergeants and command staff members for their dedication and years of service, and pointed to them as shining examples for the new probationary police officers to follow.

“These sergeants and new command staff members are here today because of their years of continued dedication and unwavering devotion to safeguarding the safety of our city,” McCarthy stated. “They serve as an example of all that can be accomplished through hard work and perseverance.”

In their new positions, the newly promoted personnel will be expected to embrace the challenges and opportunities they will have to teach, guide, and motivate officers.  They will also serve to ensure Department members comport themselves to the highest standards of ethical behavior and professional conduct. 

This is the second class of police recruits to graduate from the Department’s Police Academy as well as the third class of sergeants to be promoted since Mayor Emanuel took office and under Superintendent McCarthy’s tenure, highlighting their shared commitment to ensuring the public safety of the city of Chicago.

After spending five months as police recruits in the Department’s Police Academy, where they received approximately 1000 hours of instruction and training, the newly graduated probationary police officers will enter a Field Training Program. Upon successful completion of this program and thirteen months in the field, the probationary police officers will become full-fledged police officers.

The new sergeants were required to have completed the Department’s examination process for promotion and must have earned at least a Bachelor's Degree from an accredited university while meeting the minimum in-grade seniority requirements. The sergeants then underwent five weeks of training, and will be assigned to field duties effective immediately.

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