January 12, 2012

City and Sister Agencies Begin to Issue Permits for NATO/G8-Related Events

Four Applications Received from Two Organizations Applying for Parade and Event Permits; City Will Provide Sound and Resources at Official Protest Area

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

CHICAGO, IL – The City of Chicago announced today that the City and its sister agencies have issued the first permit related to the NATO/G8 summits, and anticipate issuing more permits in the coming weeks.  One permit application status is pending, as the group sought to hold an event at the same location, date and time as another organization that applied before them.

“As the City of Chicago issues permits for these events, we stand in strong support of the applicant organizations’ First Amendment right to protest,” said Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

In issuing the permits, the City and its sister agencies reminded applicants that the federal government is still in the process of planning the summits and that the summits have been designated by the Secretary of Homeland Security as a National Special Security Event (NSSE).  As such, the United States Secret Service is the lead agency in charge of security and mandated to design and implement an operational security plan for the summits.

“If the Secret Service designates security zones that impact the sites and routes of these events, the City of Chicago and its sister agencies pledge to work with the organizations to find alternate sites and routes,” said Mayor Emanuel.

Mayor Emanuel also said the City is working with the Secret Service and Federal Security Planning teams to establish an official protest area, where the City will provide sound amplification equipment, portable toilets, and other resources for protestors who wish to use it.

The G8 and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) will hold meetings in Chicago from May 19-21, 2012.


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