January 18, 2012

City Council Passes Ordinance to Ensure Safe and Efficient Operations During Upcoming NATO and G8 Summits

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

The City Council passed an ordinance today that allows local, state and federal public safety partners, as well as other public and private entities, to effectively coordinate operations during the upcoming NATO and G8 summits, which will be hosted in Chicago from May 19 to May 21, 2012.

“This is an unprecedented opportunity for the City of Chicago to showcase our wonderful city to the world,” said Mayor Emanuel. “Working collaboratively with our federal partners, we will provide public safety services for residents and visitors while fulfilling our obligation to protect the public and enforce the laws of the city.”

The NATO and G8 Summits are international events and have been designated National Security Special Events (NSSE). Therefore, the United States Secret Service is ultimately responsible for all security decisions for this event.  The City is working closely with the federal government to ensure the safety of everyone attending this event, as well as the people of Chicago.

The following are permanent changes to the City’s municipal code: 

Adjustment of City park hours:

  • Changes the hours of City of Chicago parks to 6 am to 11 pm so that they are the same as parks, beaches and playlots operated by the Chicago Park District.  

Deputization authority for the Chicago Police Department:

  • Enables the Chicago Police Department (CPD) to place outside law enforcement in support positions within the City of Chicago, if needed.

 Additionally, there is one temporary provision of the ordinance:

Limited contract authority for the Mayor to procure goods, work or services related to planning, security, logistics and other aspects of hosting the NATO and G8 Summits:

  • This temporary grant of authority expires in July 2012 and is consistent with what the City did for the Democratic Convention in 1996 and 2016 Olympic Bid.
  • It is designed to allow expeditious procurement of goods and services to address the unique situations that can occur with an event of this magnitude.
  • To the extent possible, the City will use existing contracts.

This will be the first time an American city other than Washington D.C. has hosted a NATO summit, and the first time in more than 30 years that any city has hosted both gatherings. 



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