November 2, 2012

Statement from Mayor Emanuel on CPS Launching a Comprehensive Community Engagement Process Around School Actions

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Barbara Byrd-Bennett and CPS are taking the responsible course of action by assembling this independent commission and ensuring that parents and community members are engaged openly from day one in this decision-making process. Over the past year, we’ve taken steps to ensure that our school system is aligned with what is best for our students: after a decade of debate, we have a longer school day and longer school year, giving our students more time to learn in their classrooms with their teachers; we are rewarding outstanding principal performance and sharing best-practices so other schools can build on the success being seen across the district; and we are providing teachers feedback and support so they can continue to hone their craft and help our students succeed. We have more buildings, chairs, tables, and desks than we have students in our district – and it is essential that we create a plan that allows us to invest our resources most effectively so that every child in every school gets a high-quality education.


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