September 4, 2012

Statement from Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the First Day of Chicago Public Schools

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

“Today marks a new beginning for Chicago Public Schools students.  On the first day of school, Chicago’s students now have a full school day and a full school year that measures up to their full potential.  Through hard work and cooperation, we have finally put an end to saddling our children with the shortest school day and shortest school year of any major city in the nation; we have put an end to shortchanging Chicago’s students.  Now, Chicago Public Schools students will have a 7-hour day in elementary school and a 7 ½-hour day in high school.  Our students will enjoy a full year, moving from 170 days to a full 180 days.  We are introducing more rigorous academic standards to prepare students for tougher new state tests in 2014; five new STEM-schools that will focus on the areas of science, technology, engineering and math; and we are creating 5,000 new kindergarten slots. And now parents are able to see their school’s report cards online. By putting the interests of our children first, teachers will no longer have to choose between reading and recess, algebra and athletics, science and social studies. On the first day of school, our students’ futures have come first.”

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