April 17, 2013

Statement from Mayor Rahm Emanuel on the U.S. Senate's Failure to Pass Comprehensive Gun Safety Legislation

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Today we saw politics get in the way of what should be our first priority: protecting residents and making communities safe for our children.  The victims of gun crimes across this country deserve a vote on these measures and the American people deserve better than this.  As Mayor, I want to reassure the residents and families of Chicago that we will not wait for Washington in order to meet our own responsibilities as a city to public safety.  We will continue to push at the local level for mandatory minimum sentences for gun offenses, legislation to eliminate straw purchases, the titling and registration of handguns, and a ban on carrying a concealed weapon.  But since the majority of illegal firearms found at crime scenes come from outside our city, we need Washington to follow President Obama’s leadership and pass comprehensive gun safety legislation. We cannot allow Washington’s dysfunction and the voices of special interests delay our work to promote the safety of Chicago’s children and communities.