February 15, 2013

Mayor Emanuel and JenCare Announce Two New Southside Medical Centers That Will Create 70 Jobs and Serves 5,000 Seniors

New Network of Primary and Multi-Specialty Medical Centers Means More Health Care Options for Medicare Recipients; JenCare Will Begin Hiring Almost Immediately

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and JenCare announced today that Medicare-eligible Chicagoland residents will soon gain access to an innovative, breakthrough primary and multi-specialty care delivery model through JenCare Neighborhood Medical Centers.

In July, JenCare will open two new facilities – on 85th Street and 95th Street – that will serve a total of more than 5,000 of Chicago’s seniors and will create 70 jobs.

“Access to quality health care is an important issue for all Chicagoans, especially our seniors, and so I am pleased that there will be more options for 5,000 seniors while creating 70 jobs,” said Mayor Emanuel. “These facilities are proof positive that quality health care can also have a positive economic impact on Chicago; a true win-win.”

JenCare (a subsidiary of Miami-based “ChenMed”) is a family-owned primary healthcare network that delivers extraordinary physician care and preventative medicine for Medicare recipients.  Focused on providing better health care for seniors, JenCare doctors and specialists consistently improve health outcomes for seniors including those living with complex medical challenges.

“Our breakthrough delivery model is focused on intensive preventive care and treatment for seniors on Medicare with multiple, complex conditions. It considers all aspects of their care, from transportation needs and access to affordable medications, to frequent and longer visits with their doctor and the sophisticated technology that enables all of it,” said Christopher Chen, M.D., JenCare Chief Executive Officer.  Chen adds, “We are excited about bringing Chicagoans the proven integrated approach to medicine that's reducing hospital admissions for seniors by 18 percent and hospital re-admissions by 17 percent.  And, our doctors are delighted to be making such incredible quality of life and longevity gains for seniors."  

JenCare’s “one-stop care approach” means physicians and medical specialists work collaboratively and side-by-side to address the specific needs of senior patients at each convenient JenCare center.  The medical practice – with physician patient panels about a fifth the size of most fee-based medical practices – provides unrivaled patient access to doctors, including walk-up appointments for seniors with unexpected health concerns.   JenCare aggressively nurtures timely communication among doctors and specialists to enhance patient health outcomes, and JenCare also offers courtesy transportation for eligible patients; on-site prescription filling; on-site medical tests including x-rays; on-site vision care; on site acupuncture; and many other ancillary services.

Five new medical centers will open by July, with two centers in the city (in South Chicago at 2231 E. 95th Street and in Ashburn at 2734 W. 87th Street) and three centers outside the city with possible locations in Oak Lawn, Berwyn, and Elmwood Park.

“Each state-of-the-art facility will employ over 30 Chicago residents and serve over 2,000 seniors,” says Jennifer Thomas, JenCare’s Chief People and Operations Officer.  “We’re thrilled to be opening these medical centers in Chicagoland and look forward to supporting area communities through an unparalleled patient experience for seniors.” 

If you are interested in learning more about employment opportunities or to become a patient, please visit JenCare or call 1-855-JCMed-4U.

This is the third health related jobs announcement made by Mayor Emanuel this week. On Wednesday he announced that bswift is creating 100 new jobs and Thursday he announced that GoHealth is adding 250 jobs.

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