January 31, 2013

Mayor Emanuel and Superintendent McCarthy Announce Reassignment of Nearly 200 Police Officers to Area Saturation Teams

Officers to Focus on Preventing Gun Violence and Gang Crimes; Civilians Hired for Administrative Duties

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy as he announced the reassignment of approximately200 sworn police officers from administrative positions to Area Headquarters where they will join existing Area Saturation Teams and focus on preventing gun violence and gang crimes. The redeployment comes after multiple audits determined that additional administrative responsibilities should be handled by civilians and not sworn personnel.

“Since our first week in office, we have been focused on moving police officers onto the beat and working directly in our communities,” said Mayor Emanuel.  “Today’s move is another effort to target gangs and guns in particular areas with every officer we have available.”

CPD will immediately move 60 officers, with 30 officers going to Area Central and 15 officers reassigned to both Area North and Area South.  Each Area already has a mobile contingent of officers to deploy at their discretion, and these officers will add to those teams. Their deployment will determined by Area Deputy Chiefs, and their deployment will be restricted to the areas in which they are assigned.

“This organizational change will result in more effective policing and the goal of reducing violence from gangs and guns,” said Superintendent McCarthy.  “By moving officers to Area headquarters, they will be empowered to travel across districts while still cultivating trusting relationships within the communities they serve. Their responsibilities will now be filled by civilians, which provides the Department more flexibility and additional resources to areas that need them most”

The Police Department constantly evaluates its organizational structure and administrative needs to find maximum efficiencies. Following the redeployment of over 1,000 police officers to patrol assignments, CPD began an audit of the department to find greater efficiencies and opportunities to hire civilians and return officers to patrol.  In addition, the Inspector General’s office recently released its own audit that was both useful and instructive in making suggestions for the broader responsibilities that civilians could handle in the Chicago Police Department.

More officers will begin to be transferred in February, and all 200 will be moved from department headquarters and district offices into patrol position by March 31.

“This redeployment also strengthens the relationships with communities and police, by committing officers to a geographic area to work and reinforcing beat officers on the issues plaguing their communities,” said McCarthy.



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