July 24, 2013

Mayor Emanuel Announces New City Council Committee Chairmanships

Innovative Split of Rules Committee Will Save $100,000 of Taxpayer Money that Will Be Used to Fund Council Budget Office

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

This morning Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced a series of new committee chairmanships and a new structure for the city council's Committee on Committees, Rules and Ethics, in the wake of the retirement of Ald. Richard Mell (33rd Ward).

In addition to a series of shifts in committee chairmanships, there will be a new structure governing the Rules Committee. The responsibilities of the Rules Committee will be split; a portion of them will now become the responsibility of the President pro Tempore of the City Council. In addition to the he reallocation of responsibilities, $100,000 will be cut from the budget, which will be used to help fund the proposed Council Budget Office.

The Rules committee will maintain jurisdiction over the Sergeant-at-Arms of the City Council. The Office of the President Pro Tempore will now manage the Legislative Reference Bureau.

"This is a new structure which will provide valuable efficiencies for taxpayers," said Mayor Emanuel. "By leveraging these savings into a Council budget office, we can maximize every taxpayer dollar allocated for Council operations."

In addition to this change, there are several changes in committee chairmanships:

  • Alderman Michelle Harris (8th) will now chair the Committee on Committees, Rules   and Ethics.
  • Alderman Margaret Laurino (39th) will now serve as President Pro Tempore, replacing Ald. Harris. 
  • Alderman Walter Burnett (27th) will now chair the Committee on Pedestrian and Traffic Safety, replacing Ald. Laurino. 
  • Alderman Joe Moore (49th) will now chair the Committee on Special Events, Cultural Affairs and Recreation, replacing Ald. Burnett.

Alderman Ariel Reboryas (30th) will now become chair of the committee on Human Relations. 

These changes are subject to passage at Wednesday's City Council meeting.


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