June 5, 2013

Statement from Mayor Emanuel About Chicago's Top Ten Ranking in the Economist Intelligence Unit's Study Hotspots 2025 - Benchmarking the Future Competitiveness of Cities

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

“I have said many times that we live in the era of cities, and that global cities will shape the direction of the world in the coming years. That is why I am so pleased to see that Chicago is projected to be the 9th most competitive city in the world in 2025, in a special report commissioned by CitiGroup and produced by the Economist Intelligence Unit. This year, Chicago increased its overall score by 7.5 percent, moving from 12th in last year’s survey to 9th in this year’s survey. Chicago is one of just two American cities to appear in the top ten.

“Chicago is rising in studies like this because of the hard work our city is doing to improve the quality of life for residents, increase economic opportunity, foster growth in technology and other key industries, invest in our infrastructure and the education of our children, and ensure the safety of our residents. Chicago’s economic vitality and cultural appeal give the city a strong presence on the global stage, and we must continue to support initiatives that will help Chicago maintain and grow its position as one of the most important urban centers in the world.

“The decisions we make as a city over the next several years will help determine the prospects of our city for decades to come, and as Mayor, I continue to be extremely optimistic about Chicago’s future.”