November 13, 2013

Mayor Emanuel Proposes New Measure Mandating All City Contractors to Report Corrupt or Unlawful Activity Following Recommendation from Inspector General

Expansion of Existing Reporting Requirements Will Reduce Opportunities for Fraud, Waste, and Corruption

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Acting on a recommendation from Inspector General Joseph Ferguson, Mayor Emanuel today proposed to City Council a new ordinance that holds City contractors accountable to City taxpayers.  This ordinance mandates a duty to report any and all information that the contractor knows or reasonably should know to involve corrupt or other unlawful activity by its employees or by another individual involved in City business. The mandate mirrors current reporting requirements already in place for City employees and officials.

“This initiative will reduce the opportunity for fraud and ensure that contractors are meeting the same obligations to protect the residents of Chicago that are required of city workers,” said Mayor Emanuel.   “This is a key reform and I am thankful to the Inspector General for this recommendation.”

The ordinance will be incorporated as an explicit term in all future City contracts, which ensures that contractors are aware of their affirmative duty to report, and act as partners in fighting corruption.

A violation of this ordinance constitutes an event of default, which may be punishable by termination of city contracts held by the contractor.

The City of Chicago is one of the first cities in the nation to pursue such an aggressive stance toward fighting corruption.


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