September 17, 2013

Mayor Emanuel Visits Al Raby High School Highlighting Investments in Academic Programs and Quality Education Options for Students in the East Garfield Park Community

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

The Mayor is committed to making the necessary changes and improvements because school modernization is essential to ensuring that every child throughout the city has access to the high quality education and resources they need to succeed.

As part of this mission, the Mayor is announcing today approximately 24 million dollars in TIF funds for school improvements focused on advancing STEM education in the area and improving the quality of the school buildings and associated playgrounds.

Al Raby High School will receive capital improvements and technical investments that will allow the school to become a STEM focused high school.

Melody Elementary and Faraday Elementary, feeders to Al Raby High School, will receive new computer and engineering labs to emphasize STEM education at an earlier age.

The programmatic renovation work and playgrounds will begin spring 2014 and will be complete by fall 2014 for the start of next school year.  Other mechanical work will continue into the school year without disrupting education.

Al Raby High School:

To create a STEM curriculum at Al Raby High School, there will be several new specialty programs and classrooms designed around engineering (a computer lab and collaborative space), law and public safety  (a mock court area), broadcast (a TV studio, computer lab, and control and sound room), and food science (culinary, growing, and computer labs)

There will also be overall improvements made to current school to make the school fully air conditioned, elevator upgrades to be in compliance with the ADA,  replacing steam boilers as well as electrical and plumbing upgrades

Faraday STEM School:

To prepare children for a STEM curriculum at Al Raby High School and a job in the 21st century economy, Faraday Elementary School will be receiving investments in improved wireless internet access and new engineering labs and a media classroom to record and edit movies.

Melody STEM:

To provide another quality elementary STEM option in the East Garfield Park community, investments will at Melody STEM in a science lab, computer lab, and media classroom.

Four community play spaces:

There will also be 4 new playgrounds along with traffic reconfiguration and ADA improvements at Tilton, Jensen, Ericson and Spencer Elementary Schools.