March 19, 2015

Statement From Mayor Emanuel Regarding Proposed State Cuts To Public Transportation

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Following today's meeting of the Regional Transportation Authority, where the effects of Governor Bruce Rauner's proposed cuts in transportation funding were discussed, Mayor Emanuel is calling on the Governor to restore that vital funding.

“My message to Governor Rauner is clear: you cannot balance the state budget on the backs of Chicago’s communities and working families," said Mayor Emanuel. "The CTA provides a vital economic lifeline to our residents and communities, connecting people to their jobs and bringing essential opportunities to our neighborhoods. So I call on Governor Rauner to restore this vital transportation funding that Chicago’s neighborhoods depend on.”

The proposed cuts equate to at least 9 percent of the CTA budget, and CTA has warned imposing the cuts would make it difficult to avoid service cuts, fare hikes or a combination of both.

Over the past four years, Mayor Emanuel has invested $4 billion in CTA projects, including rebuilding the Red Line South and Red Line North, modernizing the O'Hare branch of the Blue Line, and renovating stations like 95th Street and Wilson. At the same time, CTA wiped out a $308 million deficit without a general fare increase or service reductions.