August 29, 2016

Statement from Mayor Emanuel on the Sentencing of John Bills

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

More than a decade ago, John Bills and Redflex broke the law and violated the public trust - and those actions have consequences. I immediately fired Redflex four years ago and now Mr. Bills will also pay the price for his role.

Since taking office, Mayor Emanuel has instituted a series of reforms to the red light camera enforcement program, including firing the original vendor, removing 82 cameras at 41 intersections in response to a review of crash data, working with the Inspector General to review the program, strengthening management oversight, using improved technology, and adding more public transparency and more public input to the process. Today, CDOT is now required to hold a public community meeting before any red-light camera system is installed, removed, or relocated – though none have been added under this Mayor. Mayor Emanuel has reduced the red light camera program by 20 percent by removing cameras in locations that have a very low number of or no serious crashes.

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