July 25, 2017

Police Department Announces Expansion of Predictive Technology in Chatham and Auburn Gresham

CPD’s predictive crime fighting strategy supports deploying officers to the right place, at the right time
Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

Mayor Rahm Emanuel joined Chicago Police Department (CPD) Superintendent Eddie Johnson today to announce the expansion of CPD’s new predictive policing strategy to the 6th (Auburn Gresham and Chatham) police district on the south side. The strategy - which has already been deployed in five other south and west side police districts - makes district intelligence the driver of Chicago's crime fight. By using new technology and real-time data analysis, police can get ahead of crime and prevent violence from happening in the first place.  

“We are combining the intelligence and intuition of our police officers with advanced crime-fighting technology to prevent, combat and respond to gun violence,” said Mayor Emanuel. “As a component of a broader public safety strategy, which also includes adding nearly 1,000 officers, investing in neighborhoods and providing mentors, after school activities and summer jobs, this brings together all the resources Chicago has to offer to make a meaningful, measurable difference.”

The strategy has shown early positive signs in installed districts. Citywide shootings are down 13%. The predictive technology and analytical tools were first launched in the 7th (Englewood) and 11th (Harrison) police districts in January, and have since seen a 38% and 27% decrease this year, respectively, in shootings. In February, CPD launched predictive policing in the 9th (Deering) police district, in March expanded to the 10th (Ogden) police district and in June to the 15th (Austin) district. All districts with operational predictive policing tools have seen an average 22% percent decrease in shootings.

"The launch of our latest intelligence center in the 6th District is part of our commitment to a crime strategy based upon technology that makes us smarter in our deployments, more proactive in our efforts, and faster in our response times," said Superintendent Eddie Johnson. "These tools, along with the hard work of our officers, have contributed to significant reductions in shooting incidents in the districts equipped with the technology and I am confident it will help make the Auburn Gresham community safer for its residents."

CPD is the first police department in the nation to use real-time data analysis and predictive software, district-wide gunshot detection systems, street cameras and mobile technology together to predict, prevent and police gun crimes. The implementation of predictive technology in the 6th police district builds on CPD’s 2017 crime strategy to use predictive technology and analytical tools to support police in preventing, combating and responding to violent crime.

In the 6th police district, the station-based Strategic Decision Support Centers will be staffed with University of Chicago Crime Lab analysts who will work in partnership with CPD district intelligence officers, using predictive analytics software in conjunction with district-wide gunshot detection systems, mobile phone technology and POD crime cameras, to support the district in reducing violence.
Strategic Decision Support Centers
Strategic Decision Support Centers (SDSC) are hyper-local intelligence centers that allow district commanders to take a more nimble and nuanced approach to deploying officers, planning patrols or responding to calls based on district-specific information. SDSCs brings together geographic-specific, real-time data, such as crime information, video surveillance and gunshot detection, into a single platform for analysis. The centers are each staffed with a District Intelligence Officer who coordinates the information directly with patrol units in the field, as well as a civilian data analyst who works to ensure the software is being utilized and data is being collected effectively.

Mobile Technology
CPD will also issue mobile phones to every beat officer who responds to a service call in the 6th district. These devices will give officers real-time access to district intelligence information while in the field. This mobile technology will allow for smarter, data driven patrols and decreased response times to potential service calls.

POD Crime Cameras Expansion and Gunshot Detection Technology
While the Strategic Decision Support Centers and mobile technology work to predict and prevent crime, the City is also taking steps to help officers respond faster to those crimes that do occur. CPD will also install gunshot detection systems to cover the entire 6th police district, as well as increase the number of POD crime cameras. Data collected through gunshot detection and crime cameras are reviewed by Intelligence Officers and data analysts to support a District Commander’s deployment decisions.