December 18, 2020

Statement from Mayor Lightfoot on Supplemental Motion

“Today, at my direction, the Corporation Counsel filed a supplemental motion with the court to make a few things clear. First, the action sought against the CBS2 news station that was filed by the City’s Law Department was a mistake, and I’ve instructed them to formally withdraw our request to the court so that the record reflects this even though it was previously ruled upon. I want to be explicit that at no time did the City ever seek sanctions against Ms. Young and, to remove any doubt, we specifically affirm that no such sanctions were ever sought against her. Moreover, at my direction, the Corporation Counsel will formally move to withdraw sanctions against Attorney Saulter. While we remain concerned that a violation of a court order may have occurred, I believe that we should give Attorney Saulter the benefit of the doubt that he did not appreciate that the court's confidentiality order continued in full force and effect, even after the voluntary dismissal of the case in March 2020. We urge the court to take no action against Attorney Saulter.   

I again want to reiterate and affirm my commitment to righting the wrongs in this case and moving forward with full transparency and accountability.”