June 9, 2023

Statement From Mayor Brandon Johnson on Migrant Families at High Ridge YMCA

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

The City’s overall goal is to ensure that shelters are a short-term solution, and to relieve pressure on Chicago Police Department district stations by providing shelter for more than 400 single new arrivals. After careful consideration of the impact this would have on asylum seeking families and the overall mission, and to provide more time for planning by the receiving community, the City has decided to reschedule moving migrant families from High Ridge YMCA to Daley College to Sunday, June 11. 

To allow for a smooth transition, migrant families at the High Ridge YMCA relocating to Daley will be able to utilize similar programs offered by CPS at Hurley Elementary and receive the same services they currently receive that are offered at all City shelter locations. The Daley College community has been very welcoming to the new arrivals already in residence, and our administration is certain it will provide a warm welcome to these families as well.     


The City of Chicago is in the midst of a national humanitarian crisis that requires collective responsibility and humane action to provide safe spaces for new arrivals seeking asylum. Earlier today, concerns were raised regarding movement of the families currently residing at the High Ridge YMCA located in the Rogers Park community. The City is cognizant of the need to relieve the current numbers of single individuals at Chicago Police Department district stations and had been planning to move the families from the YMCA to a facility located at Daley. After listening to the concerns of the community and residents, we reconsidered the timing in order to allow for a smoother, more welcoming transition.