November 10, 2023

Joint Statement from Mayor Brandon Johnson and Ald. Ronnie Mosley Regarding New Arrivals and Future Development in the 21st Ward

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

This week, we met alongside 21st Ward stakeholders who expressed the needs of their community and pathways to support. With dedicated efforts and an open line of communication, the 21st Ward will be better through and beyond our city’s migrant mission.

“The commitments from the Johnson Administration are expansive ─ a base camp deadline, community contracts, capital improvements, support for housing, health and safety, and breaking ground on Morgan Park Commons in 2024. 

“This was accomplished by responding to the leadership of the alderman and community stakeholders. These conversations are crucial, and the Johnson Administration is committed to co-governance as we work to create solutions that will support each community.  

“The final assessment of the base camp is almost complete, and we will share operations details before placing people on site.  

“We are collectively excited for a better future for the 21st Ward, and to working together to achieve it.”