October 31, 2023

City of Chicago Update on Partnerships to Aid Asylum Seekers, Unhoused Chicagoans as Temperature Fall

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

With colder weather upon us, we are at an increasingly critical point in this humanitarian endeavor. To protect new arrivals and unhoused Chicagoans from falling temperatures, the City is collaborating with external partners, volunteers, and mutual aid groups to provide blankets, coats, and other much-needed items.  

Sixteen warming buses are being provided by the CTA at the landing location, and 16 police district locations from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m., while the City works to expand the number of available buses. In partnership with various organizations and mutual aid groups, we are providing coats and warm clothing at the landing zone, police districts and the 24 temporary shelters. The City is also working with faith-based leaders to plan for additional staging and shelter and responding to all medical emergencies and provide the appropriate care.  

The City of Chicago continues to receive new arrivals on buses from the state of Texas and flights from San Antonio, TX, New York, NY, and Denver, CO, and last week, announced a series of partnerships with organizations and mutual aid groups to assist new arrivals. We will continue exploring all options to provide temporary shelter, which includes working with aldermen, the State of Illinois, and communities across the city in supporting efforts to move new arrivals indoors and off the floors of O'Hare Airport and police district stations.    

The City will also continue efforts to provide immediate short-term shelter and resources and move anyone sleeping outdoors into shelters that are equitably distributed across the city. If you would like to donate winter clothing, blankets, or essential items, please visit https://chi.gov/NewArrivals.