October 26, 2023

Chicago Taskforce on Innovation and Technology (CTIT) Launches Ambitious Plan for City Transformation

Mayor's Press Office    312.744.3334

CHICAGO — The City of Chicago announces the launch of the Chicago Taskforce on Innovation and Technology (CTIT), an initiative dedicated to advancing new solutions in public safety, smart government, and connected infrastructure. This initiative is championed by Mayor Brandon Johnson and supported by Alderman Gilbert Villegas, Chairman of the Committee of Economic, Capital, and Technology Development, and John Roberson, Chief Operating Officer for the City of Chicago. George Burciaga of Elevate Cities will provide oversight to the CTIT.   

The primary objective of the CTIT is to improve technology for city issues and services. The CTIT brings together a diverse coalition of public and private sector organizations to resolve Chicago's most critical issues – from public safety to infrastructure. This taskforce will maximize efficiency and sustainability by harnessing the potential of emerging technologies.   

"Innovation and technology are central to our vision for a better, stronger, safer Chicago that results in a smarter and more connected Chicago," stated Mayor Brandon Johnson. "We are committed to improving our city and serving as a partner for collaboration with other municipalities that share our goals and ideals around advancement in this sector.”  

The CTIT will focus on five crucial areas for transformation: (1) enhancing resident safety, (2) fostering community trust, (3) advancing critical infrastructure, (4) optimizing efficiency cost modeling, and (5) streamlining city operations. To accelerate the development of ideas, the CTIT will collaborate with other cities, identify new revenue streams for long-term growth, and determine scalability of solutions to meet the unique needs of Chicago’s diverse communities.  

"Together with our partners in government and the private sector, we will use innovation to better support every Chicago resident," said Alderman Gilbert Villegas. "Our goal is to replicate success across city departments and communities.”   

"As Chief Operating Officer for the City of Chicago, I am excited to work alongside the Taskforce in rethinking what's possible for our city. The establishment of a new department, the Department of Technology and Innovation, is a critical first step towards that goal. We have a responsibility to residents to focus on optimization and efficiency, with technology serving as a powerful tool," said John Roberson.    

George Burciaga says, “Our focus remains on the people of Chicago. We recognize the urgency of public safety concerns. It's time to work towards solutions that directly benefit residents.”  

The CTIT invites external subject matter experts from both the public and private sectors to join in shaping the future of Chicago. Together, we will reach unprecedented levels of innovation.