Invitation for the Mayor

You can invite the Mayor to an event, or request a meeting with the Mayor by sending the scheduling office an email. Invitations to the Mayor should be sent to and include the information below:

Name of organization and event organizer
Description of event:
Date of Event
Address of Event
Zip Code 
Contact Name 
Contact Phone Number
Is this event open press? 
Is there a speaking program 
If you wish to include a PDF of the invitation please attach it to the email request. 
Invitations are primarily processed with the email address, If desired, you may send the Mayor’s office an invitation or meeting request via paper mail or by fax. Please direct paper mail requests and fax requests to the address and fax number listed below:
Office of the Mayor
121 North LaSalle Street
City Hall, Room 406
Chicago, Illinois 60602
Attention: Scheduling
Fax number: 312.744.8045

Please note that we cannot confirm events more than 4 weeks in advance.

For security purposes, please refrain from using Mayor’s name on any media or promotional materials in the meantime. We look forward to working with you.

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