Chicago Energy Benchmarking and Chicago Energy Rating System Building Request Forms

The online forms below enable buildings to conveniently update information or request an exemption for the Chicago Energy Benchmarking Ordinance

ONLINE BUILDING REQUEST FORMS (click or scroll down):

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1.) Request a Chicago Energy Benchmarking Building ID: Online Request Form

Use this form to find out if your building is covered and/or to request your property’s 6-digit Chicago Energy Benchmarking ID.  Building IDs must be added to your Portfolio Manager building profile prior to reporting to the City.

Note: Chicago Energy Benchmarking IDs are also listed at the top of each building’s Chicago Energy Benchmarking notification letter. You may also find your property's Chicago Energy Benchmarking ID on the Covered Buildings List, which shows all properties that are required to comply with the ordinance this year.



2.) Request an Exemption from the Chicago Energy Benchmarking requirements:

Use the following forms to request an exemption, based on:

a. Building Size: Online Request Form

  • Commercial, institutional, or residential buildings with less than 50,000 ft2 total gross floor area

b. Building Occupancy Use: Online Request Form

  • Buildings with more than 10% of total gross floor area used for non-covered occupancy uses (including industrial, manufacturing, storage/warehouses, hazmat sites, and other uses)

c. Qualifying Financial Distress: Online Request Form

  • Buildings subject to a qualified tax lien sale or public auction due to property tax arrearages
  • Buildings controlled by a court appointed receiver
  • Buildings acquired by a deed in lieu of foreclosure

d. Low Occupancy: Online Request Form

  • Buildings that experienced average physical occupancy of less than 50% from January-December 2023

e. New Construction: Online Request Form

  • Buildings with certificates of occupancy issued from January-December 2023

 f. New Ownership: Online Request Form

  • Buildings that were sold between January-December 2023


3.) Request a Special Space Use Disclosure Waiver: Online Request Form

Use this form to request a special space use disclosure waiver for buildings with data centers, television studios, or trading floors that together exceed 10% of a building's total gross floor area.

Note: The City of Chicago will not publish individual data for buildings that meet the special space use waiver requirements. Buildings that receive a special space use waiver must still benchmark, verify, and report like any other covered building



4.) Request an Exemption from the new Chicago Energy Rating System: Online Request Form

 Use this form to request an exemption from the new Chicago Energy Rating System due to rare technical issues.



5.) Request a Water Transparency Waiver: Online Request Form

Use this form to request a waiver from the new water transparency requirements which took effect in 2019.


Questions? We Can Help!

Call the Chicago Energy Benchmarking Help Center at (855) 858-6878 (M-F, 9am-5pm) or email

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“This ordinance will help to capture the information to enable better informed real estate decisions and unlock the market for energy efficiency.  We believe that this ordinance addresses key business and policy priorities in our sector, including saving money, creating local jobs, protecting our health, and promot[ing] Chicago’s position as a leading sustainable city to attract new business and succeed in the global market place.”

– Commercial and Residential Real Estate Management Executive


“Energy efficiency is not a passing fad; it has become a core value and operating principle for many of Chicago’s largest corporate tenants, condo owners, and residential tenants.”

– Commercial and Residential Real Estate Manager


“Energy [benchmarking and] disclosure [across our management portfolio of more than 1,000 buildings] has helped [condominium] board members feel comfortable making decisions to improve efficiency because they have more accurate data on which to base their decision. They are also able to better quantify the investment and return they will generate. We have found that the more informed owners are about their building’s environmental impact, the more empowered they are to improve it.”

– Residential Portfolio Director of Operations


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