Disability Resources

A photo of a woman using a wheelchair with her arms extended to greet a service animal (dog).


MOPD's Disability Resource Unit provides the following services:

  • Information and Assistance
    • Rapid Transit (RTA) Reduced Fare and Free Ride Permit Applications new, renewal, and replacement
    • Benefit Access Application
    • Social Security Disability questions
    • Information and Referrals to other non-profits
  • Independent Living Program 
  • Personal Assistance Program
    • Get assessed to see if you qualify for personal assistant services
    • Get assessed to see if you qualify for the Meals on Wheels program
  • In-home Assistive Devices
    • Get assessed to see if you qualify for Assistive Devices
      devices to be used in your home.
MOPD RFP Open for Personal Assistance Services

RFP Now Open for MOPD Personal Assistance Program: Seeking organizations to hire and manage Personal Assistants to serve people with disabilities in Chicago

Information & Referral Community Resource and Assistance Guide

MOPD’s Community Resource and Assistance Guide

MOPD Information and Referral Services

MOPD's Information and Referral staff assist people with disabilities in making more effective use of the health, education, training, economic and social resources available to them.

MOPD’s Home Delivered Meals FAQ

Home Delivered Meals is part of MOPD’s Independent Living Program (ILP) along with Case Management, Personal Assistance, and Assistive Devices.

Department Main Office

Mayor's Office for People with Disabilities

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