Phase II – Stakeholder Budget Engagement Co-Design

Phase II – Stakeholder Budget Engagement Co-Design  

May - June 


Following the public education and initial feedback from existing City Engagement Councils, Advisory Councils, and other Groups; the City will engage with a second group representing a wide variety of stakeholder communities to co-design a portion of the engagement process for the Phase III round-table events, which are open to the public.


  • Provide education on the City of Chicago budget, budgeting process, and community engagement process for the budget. 
  • Provide data to inform which programs and services will be included in the topic discussions and the design of the public budget engagement series conducted in the summer.  
  • To provide an opportunity for City stakeholders to co-design a portion of 2025 public budget engagement roundtables. 
Engagement Activities:  
  • Meetings with Budget Engagement Stakeholder group 
  • Open public comment available on 2025 Budget Portal 

The public can leave a comment or share an idea on any topic relating to the City's 2025 Budget by clicking HERE or scanning the code below. Topic areas include but are not limited to:

Affordable Housing and Services for People at Risk of or Experiencing Homelessness
Community Safety
Environmental Justice and Infrastructure
Neighborhood & Community Development and Arts & Culture
Public Health and Mental Health


QR Code to the open ended 2025 budget engagement survey


Your comments and ideas will be incorporated with data collected from the three phases of community engagement, and will inform the City's budget development for FY2025.