Emergency Preparedness

We're glad that you have chosen to take an active role in protecting and preparing yourself and your family for an emergency. 

This site will guide you through the necessary steps to be prepared for any emergency event, natural or otherwise. In addition to assisting you in creating a basic family plan and assembling the appropriate supplies, it will also give you information about how to alter that plan depending on the specific situation. 

Working together, we can make Chicago as prepared as any big city can be. When we work together, we can confront any emergency, whether it's a severe winter storm or a terrorist attack. 

The OEMC is continually updating our emergency plans and the technology we have to face new threats, but we can't do it alone. Click through the buttons on this page to learn how you can do your part.


READY: Take action before an emergency to develop operational capabilities and facilitate an effective response if an emergency occurs.

RESPOND: Take action immediately before, during and directly after an emergency to save lives, minimize damage and enhance the effectiveness of recovery.

RECOVER: Take action to return the infrastructure systems to minimum operating standards and long-term activity design to return life to normal or improved levels.

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