Pole Marking/Location Identifiers

The Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) Pole Marking/location identifier project was initiated in 2009 through a combined effort of various City agencies. Signs are posted on light poles in locations along the Chicago Lakefront and Grant Park streets where addresses may not be available.

  • The light poles in selected areas of the City are fitted with from one (1) to four (4) aluminum powder coated green signs (color similar to a Chicago street sign) with white characters listed vertically.
  • Letter and number combinations are used to identify locations. For instance, a sign listing the characters ‘M300’ would be located at 300 E. Monroe and ‘LN1410’ would be at 1410 N. Lake Shore Drive / Lakefront Path
  • This signage serves as visual aids for the purposes of location identification by either a citizen or a first responder.
  • This pole number information has also been entered into the 911’s computer aided dispatch system (CAD) which allows OEMC call takers and dispatchers to automatically associate each location with an approximate address or location.
  • It allows for an even more expeditious response by emergency personnel to incidents during the various events held throughout the year.
  • Three sites are marked:

        1)  Grant Park Area

                 I)  This area includes the streets bounded by:

                                  a) Columbus – Roosevelt to Randolph

                                  b) Balbo – Michigan to LSD

                                  c) Congress Parkway – Michigan to Columbus

                                  d) Jackson – Michigan to LSD

                                  e) Monroe – Columbus to LSD

           2) Lakefront – Two (2) Sites

                   I)  Area on the lakefront path from Oak Street to Fullerton Ave.

                   II)  Area on lakefront and inner path from Montrose to Foster. This also includes the Montrose Harbor Area (this location includes  two beach towers that have been marked)

  • This signage is utilized for various events such as the Taste of Chicago, Lollapalooza, The Chicago Marathon and the Air and Water Show and has proven to be essential components to the public safety plans.
  • Sixteen (16) naming labels are used for the pole marking / location identifiers.



E. Balbo Drive


S. & N. Columbus Drive

(North signage end with “N”)


E. Congress Parkway


E. Jackson


E. Monroe


Lakefront North


North Avenue Boat House


W. Montrose Drive


Montrose Harbor Drive


N. Simonds Drive


N. Lawrence Wilson Drive


W. Wilson Drive


W. Lawrence Drive


W. Foster Drive


Lakefront North Path


Montrose Beach




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