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Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) has partnered with Marvel Comics to reinvigorate how OEMC Emergency Managers communicate with residents on public safety and emergency management topics. Fans of the Marvel universe will recognize Riri Williams, aka “Ironheart” who was introduced to audiences in the 2022 blockbuster Black Panther: Waukanda Forever produced by Marvel Studios.

The goal of the partnership is to bring preparedness tips and safety information to all age groups, from young kids to adults through a new and exciting character. Ironheart will keep Chicago residents safe by helping them to be SUPER prepared and working with our own superheroes, OEMC’s Emergency Managers. The campaign will start with three messages to build on with residents of Chicago.

· Reporting Suspicious Activity, call 9-1-1

· Severe Weather: What to do before and during severe weather of a storm or a tornado to stay safe

· Excessive Heat: What you need to know to stay safe in extreme heat

To learn more about Ironheart scan the QR code below or visit .


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