OEMC’s Re-Launch of Smart911 to encourage residents to utilize the FREE and PRIVATE service to aid first responders when calling 9-1-1 in an emergency

January 12, 2022


Smart911 Media Toolkit

The City of Chicago’s Office of Emergency Management & Communications (OEMC) is reintroducing the Smart911 to residents of Chicago to ensure that this important public safety tool is being utilized by all Chicago residents. The City’s Smart911 program allows residents the ability to provide critical information when calling 9-1-1 in an emergency. The information provided aids call-takers in getting the proper help that is needed such as, medical history and medications, the apartment or house layout, number of residents and pets in the home, disabilities, emergency contacts and more.

“When calling 9-1-1, every single detail matters. Smart911 enables first responders to know more about a situation and the individuals involved so they arrive prepared with the right resources saving critical time in an emergency. We’re encouraging all Chicago residents to sign-up, particularly our vulnerable family members,” said OEMC Executive Director Rich Guidice. “Throughout the year, OEMC will be present at community events, CAPS meetings, and other outreach opportunities to encourage enrollment to protect what matters.”

Chicago’s 9-1-1 call takers and dispatchers play a critical role in our community, helping those in need during what are often their most stressful moments. In April during 9-1-1 Education Month, National Public Safety Telecommunicators week (April 10-16) and on Smart911 Day (April 30), OEMC will honor our unsung public safety heroes by urging residents to create a Smart911 profile. Watch for more Smart911 information in the coming months on social media, at community meetings, in broadcast and other exciting events.

All Smart911 profiles are free and private. Your profile will only appear to the call taker for the duration of a 9-1-1 call. To join the Smart911 community to protect the ones you love, residents can create a free safety profile by visiting www.SMART911.com or by downloading the Smart911 App.

Why sign up for Smart911?
Save Time–Smart911 allows individuals and families to provide, medical, household or situational information when they call 9-1-1 to help first responders rapidly assist in the case of an emergency. The Smart911 profile you create is displayed to the call taker when you call 9-1-1 from the registered phone number.
Help with Location–Because over 80% of 9-1-1 calls are made from cell phones today and by providing home address in the profile, the call taker can better verify the location of the incident, which is critical when time is of the essence.
Prepare First Responder–In COVID-19 times, by including vaccination data and other household information, the first responders can know vital information prior to arrival. Include your vehicle description, utility shut off locations, property layout and any information that would be useful in an emergency call to 9-1-1. Enter as much or as little as you like.
Get Resources Needed–Medical details and conditions such as allergies, medicines, mental health situations and autism can be provided which can help to get the resources needed.
Provide Language Option - Residents can also sign up for a safety profile in ANY language and indicate that they or someone in the household has difficulty communicating in English. 9-1-1 will know to connect them with an interpreter ASAP in an emergency.
Communicate Mental Health Conditions–If you are experiencing a behavioral health emergency, you may find it easier to communicate with safety professional by text message. You can also include any mental health information you feel is important for 9-1-1 so first responders can communicate and assist you during difficult times.
NEW - Recorded Home Surveillance Camera Option–Residents can opt-in to better serve Chicago communities by sharing their public-facing surveillance camera with law enforcement investigators if needed on their Smart911 safety profiles. Residents with a home surveillance camera that captures the public way can partner with Chicago Police if a crime occurs in their neighborhood by allowing the police to contact you to share video footage to help solve crime.
Assist Seniors–For active seniors, a safety profile can give peace of mind that in the event of an emergency, 9-1-1- would have details on their home and medical needs. For loved ones with Alzheimer’s or other critical health matters, information can be added along with an emergency contact.
Include Physical Disabilities–For those who have physical disability or mobility restriction, it is vital for first responders to know about the disability and what type of assistance or special equipment they may need to evacuate their home or receive transport.
Save Your Pet–Do you share your home with pets or service animals? This information can assist firefighters in their search to bring everyone, including your pets, to safety.
Your Profile Travels with You - Smart911 is a national service meaning your Smart911 Safety Profile travels with you and is visible to any participating 9-1-1 center nationwide.

For additional information, visit our website at Chicago.gov/OEMC. Follow the Office of Emergency Management and Communications on Facebook, Twitter (@ChicagoOEMC) and Instagram (chicago_oemc_911) using the hashtags #ChicagoOEMC #Smart911 #Chicago911 #ThankYou911.


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