COLD Weather Alert

We are now in the coldest snap in over a decade in Chicago. This means we have temperatures that are staying below freezing both day and night. Weather like this can tax your heating system. We suggest the following tips to keep your home safe.

Make sure your carbon monoxide detector is working. Furnaces running non stop are more likely to emit dangerous gases.

Do not use your oven or stove for additional heat. Running the oven as a heater can also cause the release of Carbon Monoxide.

If you feel you must use a space heater for additional warmth, we ask that you be very careful. Each year people die as a result of fires that are started by space heaters.

Space heaters use a lot of electricity and should never be used on regular household extension cords. The large amount of electricity in the wire can cause the extension cord to get warm and fall apart. This will lead to the insulation melting and the heat could set carpeting or rugs on fire. Fire will then quickly spread to other items in the room.

You should also remember to keep your space heater at least three feet away from anything that can burn. This includes bedding, clothing, papers and furniture.

Although it is getting very cold at night please do not go to sleep with the heater running. This can be dangerous.

Space heaters that use fuel oil or kerosene should not be used under any circumstances. They are more dangerous then they are worth. Your family is too important to risk a malfunction or fire caused by a fuel burning space heater. This type of heater can also be dangerous because it consumes the oxygen in the air.

The current cold snap is expected to be with use thru mid February. Please head the above suggestions and if you find that your landlord is not giving you enough heat to keep your apartment at a minimum of 68 degrees during the day and 66 degrees at night, please call 311 to lodge a complaint and start an investigation.

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