Democratic National Convention Public Safety

Democratic National Convention Public Safety 2024

Message from the Mayor  On behalf of the City of Chicago, I would like to welcome the Democratic National Convention. As Mayor, I am thrilled to host this historic event, where we will be unified by our shared values and vision for the future.  The people of Chicago have a grand story to tell. It is America’s story. Our city was founded by a Haitian immigrant and an Indigenous woman. Our neighborhoods and the people who live in them are the living embodiments of American history – the Great Migration, the Industrial Revolution, and the Civil Rights Movement. The journey of our nation is inscribed upon every brick and street corner. Every story of progress and resilience here has informed our rich and unique culture.  Here in the heart of the midwest, Chicago stands as a beacon of progress and ingenuity, beckoning all to experience the beauty, culture, and soul of what we have to offer.  Welcome to Chicago, where the pulse of democracy flourishes and innovation knows no bounds. We hope the spirit of our city inspires the Democratic Party in its journey forward.

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Download the Chicago OEMC APP

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