OEMC Alerts, Current Threats and Public Information





OEMC Alerts, Current Threats and Public Information

The OEMC is responsible for providing the residents and visitors of Chicago with the information they need to keep their families and communities safe.  The OEMC disseminates preparedness messages through radio and print campaigns, press conferences and releases, social media, and community engagement throughout Chicago, in addition to Notify Chicago, OEMC’s public messaging notification system.

Current Threats/Terrorism DHS

OEMC Text and Email Alerts

OEMC issues several alerts and notifications to provide residents with direct emergency and non-emergency information. Text alerts are sent to your phone regarding incidents/conditions such as severe weather emergencies, hazardous materials, traffic impacts, etc. The Office of Emergency Management and Communications (OEMC) urges residents to subscribe to receive alerts sent directly to mobile phones or email accounts to stay informed.

NotifyChicago is a city service that supplies residents with text messages and/or e-mail alerts for incidents/conditions such as severe weather emergencies, hazardous materials, traffic impacts, etc.

Alerts to businesses in targeted areas for severe weather, fire, medical emergency or public safety disturbances that may impact business operations.

  • CHILAKE: For lakefront notices, TEXT “CHILAKE” to 7-8-0-1-5

For weather impacts on the lakefront, stay informed regarding weather advisories, watches and warnings from the National Weather Service with up to date alerts from OEMC.

CHILAKE Flyer 1.jpg (1156×1496) (chicago.gov)

  • COVID: Get COVID-19 updates by TEXTING “COVID19” to 6-7-2-8-3

Receive updates on the COVID-19, including Vaccinations and Testing.

Visit Chicago.gov/COVID for complete updates on the Chicago’s COVID-19 Response.

While Rave products are designed to provide compliance with SMS policies, the industry has reminded us that, not only Rave, but Rave’s customers, must comply with SMS opt-in language when they advertise SMS Opt-In Keywords to their community. Customers promoting SMS opt-in must ensure these promotions include the following language. Highlighted items require customer-specific content. When soliciting opt-in, the customer must clearly identify the program name and its purpose:


“Text <keyword> to <short code> to receive alerts from <community name or other notification program name>.”

 Wherever Chicago solicits Rave Alert opt-in, especially where Rave’s short codes are referenced, the following language must bepresented “in the proximity of” the solicitation (preferably immediately following this solicitation):

 “Message and data rates may apply. Text messages are sent on an as-needed basis. This service is provided per the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Text STOP to <short code> to cancel or HELP for tech support.”

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