Electricity Franchise Agreement

Under Mayor Lightfoot’s leadership, the City seeks to shape an equitable, affordable and resilient clean energy metropolis for the 21st century. One way the City will do this is through our electricity delivery franchise authority. In order for an entity to deliver electricity in the City, an entity must have a franchise agreement with the City.

Through a Request for Information (RFI) process, the City is evaluating whether to enter into a new franchise with the current electricity delivery company (ComEd) or to explore awarding a franchise to new franchisee(s).

The City anticipates moving to the next stage of its franchising process later in 2021. That stage of the process will include a successful negotiation of the following with the prospective franchisee(s):

  1. A Franchise Agreement that grants an entity the right to provide electricity and use the public way, and
  2. An Energy and Equity Agreement that establishes environmental and consumer objectives that an entity and the City will pursue together.

Public input will be a critical part of the negotiation process. You can submit comments to: franchisefeedback@cityofchicago.org.

Prompts for Feedback on Chicago's Electricity Franchise



Energy and Equity Agreement Development

Governance and Transparency

  • Ethics Reforms
  • Inclusive Energy and Equity Agreement Governance Process
  • Traditional Ratemaking

Energy and Electrification

  • Climate and Energy Targets
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Solar/Distributed Generation Interconnection
  • Electric Vehicles and Electrification
  • Energy Data Transparency

Equity and Neighborhood Development

  • Eliminate Customer Deposits
  • Eliminate Late Fees and Disconnections
  • Align Credit and Collection Policies with Customer Ability to Pay
  • Facilitate use of LIHEAP Funds
  • Workforce Development Initiatives
  • Broadband Access

Franchise Agreement

  • Grant of Franchise/Service Obligation
  • Use/Coordination of the Public Right of Way and Public Property
  • Relocation
  • Reliability and Reporting
  • Municipal Acquisition
  • Term of the Agreement
  • Diversity

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