Building Code

The Chicago Building Code establishes minimum standards for the construction, alteration, repair, maintenance, and demolition of buildings and other structures in order to protect public health, safety and welfare.

The Chicago Building Code is adopted and amended by the city council. An electronic copy of the Chicago Building Code can be viewed using the link below. Some portions of the Chicago Building Code incorporate model codes and standards. Where available, links to view or purchase these documents are provided.

The Department of Buildings periodically issues clarifications and interpretations of the Chicago Building Code to provide guidance on frequently-encountered issues. Pursuant to Section 13-8-031 of the Building Code, formal intepretations issued by the Building Commissioner have the force of law.

Chicago Construction Codes
Access the Chicago Construction Codes online, with tips on navigating the Chicago Construction Codes.
Code Interpretations
Building Code Interpretations provide additional information on how the Department of Buildings will apply the building code to specific situations.
Project-Specific Approvals and Appeals
The Department of Buildings handles requests for project-specific approvals and appeals through the Alternative Code Approval process, the Committee on Standards and Tests, and the Building Board of Appeals.



 Additional Information

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