Code Amendment Allows Artists to Acknowledge Sponsors and Partners on Art Murals

January 23, 2019

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CHICAGO - The Chicago City Council passed an ordinance today that amends Section 13-20-550 of the Municipal Code of Chicago regarding art murals.

City code states than any art mural that contains a business name, logo, slogan, trademark, social media identifier or other business identification, including business sponsorship, in the mural itself is considered a sign and therefore requires a sign permit.

In the spirit of encouraging art projects that help beautify neighborhoods throughout Chicago, the City Council has amended the code to allow sponsors or partners of the artwork to be acknowledged without affecting the project’s consideration as an art mural.

Under the new ordinance, an artist or partner entity may acknowledge the name of sponsors or partners of the art mural in a single acknowledgement panel, not to exceed two square feet in area, adjoining the bottom edge of the art mural. This provision does not allow more than one acknowledgement panel in a single art mural or in adjacent art murals located on the same lot.

The criteria stated above must be met in order for the work to be considered an art mural and not a sign.

Existing art murals that do not meet the criteria above can come into compliance with the amended code by removing the business identification within the artwork and following the guidelines for adding an acknowledgement panel.

The ordinance becomes effective on March 13, 2019. View the full ordinance

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