Elevator Information

The Department of Buildings (DOB) regulates the installation, repair, renovation, or removal of elevators and other conveying devices (such as escalators). Elevator permits are required for the installation, renovation, repair and removal of elevators or other conveyance devices. These permits are issued by the DOB Elevator Bureau. An Elevator Bureau representative is available every Wednesday from 9:00 to 3:00 in Room 900 of City Hall (121 North LaSalle Street) for the review and processing of permits.

The Elevator Bureau is also responsible for inspections associated with permits, investigating accident reports, periodic inspections, auditing for the Annual Inspection Certification (AIC) program, and responding to 311 calls. In addition to elevators, escalators and other conveyance devices, the Elevator Bureau issues permits for the installation of carnival and amusement rides as well as performing inspections for these devices.

The Department of Buildings is assisted by the Elevator Advisory Committee, a volunteer body which is made up of industry subject matter experts. The Elevator Advisory Committee advises DOB concerning proposed code changes to keep the technical requirements up to date. The Committee also assists DOB with evaluating new conveyance device technology for use in the City of Chicago.

To contact the Elevator Bureau, please call 312.743.3594.

Elevator Code Information

Elevator Code Information

Elevator Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations for Elevators.