File a Complaint About A City Licensed Contractor

About False Statements in the Permit Process

The City of Chicago Department of Buildings investigates false statements made in the course of business with the Department. The Department of Buildings can and will refer false statement cases to the Department of Law and to the Office of the Inspector General to prosecute any alleged violation of the Municipal Code. To report any non-Buildings related false statements made to the City of Chicago, please dial “311” for assistance with your report.

The four most common false statements are:

A. Listing and certifying on a permit application the trade license number of a license holder who never intended to work on the project site; or

B. Listing and certifying on a permit application the trade license number of a license holder who had no knowledge of the project; or

C. Misrepresenting that an owner resides at the project address; or

D. Falsifying a signature or an email address on a permit application.

How to report a false statement allegation

If you feel that a false statement has been made in the process of a permit application or in the process of an inspection by an Owner, General Contractor, Sub-Contractor, Architect, Plumber, Electrician, Expeditor, HVAC Contractor or other project team member, then please follow these steps.

1. If you were once a member of the project team and your company’s name and license number still appear on the permit application after your voluntary or involuntary withdrawal from that project, then please contact the Owner, GC or Architect and ask that they make the necessary amendment in the permit application as required by City ordinance at any DOB permit center.

2. If you have had no dealings with the Owner, Property Address, General Contractor, Architect, Expediters, or Sub-Contractors, then please write a signed and dated statement on your company letterhead to the Department of Buildings.

Helpful topics in initiating a false statement allegation

  • Your Contracts involving the project site
  • Your knowledge of the alleged misuse
  • The absence of any relationship to the project
  • How it came to your attention.
  • Any leads on how the offender may have had access to your license number
  • Any and all contact information for the alleged offender(s)
  • You have reviewed a list of permits pulled with your license from the FOIA Office, Room 1109, City Hall

The Department of Buildings contact person to report a false statement:

False Statement Investigations
City of Chicago
Department of Buildings
121 N. LaSalle, Rm 900
Chicago, IL 60602