December 14, 2016

Mayor Emanuel Introduces Ordinance To Hold Contractors, Trade Professionals Accountable For Violating City Regulations

Ordinance Introduced One Year Following the Passing of Firefighter Daniel Capuano

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today introduced new and streamlined provisions that will allow the City to take swift action against contractors and trade professionals who violate Chicago building code and licensing regulations.

“These reforms are the culmination of a year of work to allow the City to better address code violations by construction contractors to safeguard the health and safety of the people of Chicago,” said Mayor Emanuel. “While there is nothing we can do to fill the void left by the death of firefighter Daniel Capuano, these reforms will help prevent such unnecessary tragedies from ever happening again.”

Upon passage, the new ordinance will empower the Building Commissioner to suspend the permit privileges of developers, design professionals, expediters, contractors and tradespeople who perform work without a permit, work contrary to a permit, use unlicensed contractors or tradespeople or fail to correct code violations. It will also give the Building Commissioner the ability to suspend or revoke the license of contractors and tradespeople who perform work without a permit, work contrary to a permit, violate stop work orders or fail to correct significant code violations.

Currently, the Building Commissioner has to issue a stop work order for an individual job, vacate an individual building or suspend an individual trade license. The new ordinance would provide broader oversight to stop those who continue to skirt regulations.

“For too long, it was easy for a small number of developers or contractors with open violations at one project to simply move on to the next permit application or project,” said Building Commissioner Judy Frydland. “With these reforms, we can now hold developers and contractors accountable to correct licensing and code violations or revoke their licenses and permits.”

To date in 2016, the Department of Buildings has issued 43,038 building permits, an increase of more than 2,000 permits as compared to the same time period last year.


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