Building Permits

Building permits help to ensure construction work complies with the minimum standards of safety established by the Chicago Building Code in order to protect public health, safety, and welfare. A building permit is required before beginning most construction, demolition, and repair work. In order to provide more responsive service, the Department of Buildings offers permitting processes tailored for a wide variety of projects, from home repairs to new skyscrapers.

For homeowners and small business owners, our Guide to Permits offers a concise overview of the permit processes available for small and mid-sized projects.

Building Permit Application Status
Check the status of a building permit application online.
Calculate the Cost of a Building Permit
The online calculator estimates the cost of a building permit based on provisions of the Chicago Building Code. The factors necessary to use this calculator are construction type, occupancy type, area in square feet, and project scope.
Demolition (Wrecking) Permits
A demolition (wrecking) permit is required for the wrecking or tearing down of any building or other structure.
Developer Services Permit Program
The Developer Services Permit Program is designed to meet the specialized needs of moderate to complex construction projects.
Easy Permit Program
The Easy Permit Program is a streamlined process for small, simple home and building improvement projects. It allows home and building owners to obtain a permit to repair or replace existing features of a building without requiring architectural plans.
Elevator and Conveyance Device Permits
Information on obtaining a permit to install or repair an elevator, escalator, or other type of conveyance device.
Green and Solar Permit Incentives
The City of Chicago offers incentives for building design, construction and renovation projects that provide healthier environments, reduces operating costs and conserves energy.
Homeowner's Assistance Program
The Department of Buildings’ Homeowner's Assistance Program offers special permit services for owner-occupants of single-family homes through the Homeowner Assistance Plan Review.
Occupancy Capacity Signs
Occupancy Capacity Signs are required for every room, space or facility where more than 100 people gather for civic, political, educational, religious, social, recreational, or other similar activity.
Permit Fee Waivers for Seniors
Building Permit Fee Waivers for Seniors
Self-Certification Permit Program
The Self-Certification Permit Program simplifies the building permit process for eligible residential, business and mercantile and small assembly projects where the architect of record takes full responsibility for code compliance.
Sewer Permits
A sewer permit is required for the construction, repair, adjustment, rodding or cleaning of any subsurface structure designed to collect or transport storm and/or sanitary waste water, either in private property or in the public way.
Sign Permits
A sign permit is generally required to place a sign on a parcel of land, a building, a structure or a place of business in the City of Chicago.
Standard Plan Review Permit Program
The Standard Plan Review Permit Program is the main permitting process for building permit applications which require architectural plans.
Tent, Stage and Temporary Structure Permits
Permits are required for most tents, stages, and similar structures. A streamlined permitting process is available for temporary structures which will be in place for 60 days or less.
When is a Building Permit NOT Required?
For a limited range of minor repairs to existing buildings, a building permit is not required by the City of Chicago.
Wireless Communication Installation Permits
Permits are required for the installation of wireless communication equipment, including antennas, towers, and associated equipment.



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