Elevator and Conveyance Device Permits

Do you want to skip the trip to City Hall?

While access to City Hall remains limited, please email dob-elevator-inspections@cityofchicago.org for information on how to submit and pick up elevator permits.

An elevator permit is required for the installation, renovation, repair or removal of an elevator, escalator, or other conveyance device. A conveyance device includes:

  • An elevator, escalator, dumbwaiter, moving walk, or material lift;
  • A platform lift, stairway chairlift or wheelchair lift; personnel hoist or employee elevator;
  • A material hoist;
  • A belted manlift;
  • A conveyor and related equipment;
  • An industrial scissor lift;
  • An adjustable loading platform;
  • A permanent window washer platform;
  • An automotive lift;
  • A movable stage or orchestra floor;
  • A mechanical amusement riding device;
  • Any similar system or device.

Elevator permits (except for automotive lift, stairway chairlift and residential wheelchair lift permits) may only be obtained by a licensed Elevator Mechanic Contractor.

These permits are issued by the Department of Buildings Elevator Bureau.

Permit desk hours: every Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

To contact the Elevator Bureau, please call 312-743-3594.