Basics of the 2019 Chicago Construction Codes - July 2020

This 1-day virtual training program on the basics of the 2019 Chicago Construction Codes will take place July 24, 2020. Registration for this program is now closed. This program must be completed before a self-certification professional who did not complete the 2019 3-day program or 2019 1-day update may self-certify projects under the new codes.

Attendees will be mailed a hard copy 3-volume set of the Chicago Plan Review Manual (3rd printing) as part of the registration fee.

Copies of presentations are available for download from this website.

A document containing answers to many of the questions asked during the presentation is available here.

Attendees are encouraged to have access to a print or electronic copy of the Chicago Construction Codes during the program.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Topic Presentation Materials
Welcome Presentation Slides
Morning Session 1: Background, Code Organization, Building Planning Presentation Slides
Morning Session 2: Means of Egress and Fire-resistance Rated Construction Presentation Slides
Lunch Break  
Afternoon Session 1: Interior Finishes, Fire Protection and Life Safety Systems, and Structural Basics Presentation Slides
Afternoon Session 2: Understanding the Chicago Building Rehabilitation Code and Chicago Minimum Requirements for Existing Buildings Presentation Slides
Afternoon Session 3: Using the Chicago Building Rehabilitation Code Work Area Method Presentation Slides

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