Alternative Code Approval

The Alternative Code Approval Process provides a uniform procedure for State-licensed design professionals and city-licensed or registered contractors and trade professionals to request project-specific approvals explicitly required by the building code or project-specific modifications of building code requirements. In limited cases, building owners may also submit such requests. The Department reviews such requests to determine if they meet the intent and purpose of the building code to protect public health, safety, and welfare. This process consolidates and replaces the former “administrative relief” and “special permission” processes. Fees for the review of requests for alternative code approval are established by ordinance and must be paid in advance. Any request for alternative code approval must be submitted to the Department in writing on the appropriate form.

Completed applications for alternative code approval, together with all supporting materials and proof that the review fee has been paid to the Department of Finance should be e-mailed to Applicants should allow at least 10 business days for review, with additional time needed for more complex requests. Full application instructions are printed on the application forms.

General Instructions and Forms

Rules for the Alternative Code Approval Process (DRAFT)
Alternative Code Approval Request Form and Fee Payment Form

Alternative Plumbing Materials Pilot Program (extended through December 31, 2020)

Plumbing Materials Pilot Program Memorandum (Code Memorandum 2020-001)
Alternative Drain and Vent Materials Request Form and Fee Payment Form







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