Structural Peer Review Program

The Structural Peer Review Program is designed to expedite the permit process by reducing the time and effort required for conventional structural plan examination by Department personnel. Under the Department’s standard plan review permitting process, use of Structural Peer Review is voluntary. Use of Structural Peer Review is required for some types of work under the Self-Certification Permit Program. In all cases, the permit applicant may select any Registered Structural Peer Reviewer (RSPR) to prepare a Structural Peer Reviewer’s Report, so long as the RSPR has sufficient experience with the type of work to be reviewed. The permit applicant is responsible for the entire cost of using Structural Peer Review. The use of Structural Peer Review instead of conventional structural plan review does not affect the building permit fee or inspection process.

The RSPR will perform the structural peer review and work with the owner and the licensed professional of record to resolve all issues raised by the review. The RSPR must prepare and submit a final peer review report to be submitted to the Department of Buildings along with the structural drawings prepared by the professional of record, the permit application, and all other documents required by the Chicago Building Code. The review must begin in time to allow the final peer review report to accompany the permit application.

All structural peer review reports must be prepared by a Registered Structural Peer Reviewer (RSPR) registered with the Department of Buildings. All RSPRs must successfully complete an in-person training seminar every 6 years. These seminars are offered approximately every other year. The next full RSPR training seminar (for new participants) will be held in late Spring 2020.

2020 Code Modernization Update Training

An in-person Code Modernization Update training for existing Registered Structural Peer Reviewers (RSPRs) only will be held at Malcolm X College's conference center on January 28, 2020 from 8:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Training materials, breakfast, beverages, and validated parking are included in the registration fee. The class fee is $200. Applications must be submitted by noon on January 21, 2020 (form below). 

Current RSPRs must attend a Code Modernization Update training before submitting a peer review report under the (IBC-based) 2019 Chicago Construction Codes.

January 2020 New Code Update Training Registration Form and Instructions


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