2017-2018 Fair Housing Testing Project

The City of Chicago’s most recent Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing (AI), a report the city submits to HUD every five years, included a community-based recommendation to implement fair housing testing for Housing Choice Voucher (commonly referred to as Section 8) discrimination, in conjunction with an education program to inform landlords, real estate management professionals, and realtors about fair housing laws. In furtherance of this recommendation, the CCHR retained Chicago Lawyers’ Committee and its Housing Opportunity Project team to conduct the testing and training project, which took place in 2017 and 2018.

The attached report discusses this important work conducted by the Lawyers’ Committee in collaboration with the CCHR. We urge you to read the report and share it with others. Our hope is that it will serve as a catalyst for change, and a vehicle for promoting and supporting fair housing for all Chicagoans. Thank you.

Fair Housing Testing Project

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