Take Action Against Anti-Abortion Racism!

A billboard campaign in Chicago is targeting women of color in economically distressed neighborhoods. These billboards target African-American women and convey a racially bias message that African-American women are complicit with genocide.  Join the Advisory Council on Women as we take action against anti-abortion racism! 

Top 3 Things You Can Do Today...

Call 311 City Services

Call the City of Chicago’s 311 City Services to file a complaint about the billboards. Tell them you think the billboards are offensive and racist and you want them to come down. A list of the exact locations of all the billboards is on the back of the flyer below.

Call Aldermen in Wards with Billboards

Let your Alderman know you find the billboards offensive to all women. Ask them to support you in getting the billboards
removed and to use every remedy available to the city to protect the rights of all citizens against hate speech on billboards. A list of the Aldermen and their contact information is on the back of the flyer below.

Tell Your Story — Come Speak Out!

More than ever, we need frank, honest conversations with Black women that place our needs at the center of the discussion. Black women have limited access to information about reproductive and sexual health, family planning, prevention and transmission of HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted infections. These are some of the real issues – not Black women making the decisions that they understand are in the best interest of their families. Visit www.bwrj.org to share your story.

Board of Commissioner's Resolution Against Racist Anti-Abortion Billboards

Say "NO" to Racist Billboards Targeting Black Women (Flyer)

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