Chicago Air & Water Show — Accessibility FAQs

Over one million attend the Air & Water Show annually. The event is very crowded and very loud! Most of the viewing spots are on the sand or on grassy areas bordering Lake Shore Drive.


1. Is accessible seating available for people with disabilities? An Accessible Seating area will be provided for individuals with disabilities at the north end of the North Avenue Beach House viewing stands Accessible seating is available on a first come first served basis during show hours

Entry to accessible seating requires a stamp which can be obtained onsite during event hours at the tent marked with the accessibility symbol. To get to this tent from the North Avenue Beach vehicle drop off spot (which is where pedestrians cross to enter) follow the walkway east towards the lake and the tent will be on the right hand side before you get to the beach and before arriving at Castaways (the permanent building concession). Once you receive your stamp continue along the path east toward the lake and follow it as it turns south to the barricaded seating section that is marked as accessible seating. Security personnel will be at the entry of the seating area and will check for a stamp. A companion stamp will be permitted for one individual.

The accessible seating area is not fully covered from the elements.

In the event of severe weather, shelter may be taken under the nearby underpasses.

The following individuals are invited to use the accessible seating:

  • Individuals who use wheelchairs
  • Individuals who are ambulatory, but use mobility devices such as walkers or crutches
  • Individuals who are ambulatory, but who are unable to stand during the performance
  • Individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing and need unobstructed sightlines to the American sign language interpreter
  • Individuals who are blind or have low vision that require seating in close proximity


2. Is there an ASL interpreter on site? Yes. The best sightline for the ASL interpreter is from the accessible seating area. Individuals needing the ASL interpreter should get a stamp from the tent referenced above and enter the accessible seating section.


3. Where is the transportation drop off and pick up located? For Paratransit and vehicles transporting people with disabilities, the drop off and pick up location is 1600 N. Lake Shore Drive. The drop off location is about 50 feet from the main entrance. From the entrance to the beach is about an additional 10 feet.

There is no parking at this event. Street parking may be found in the neighborhoods near the event. No. 72 and No. 151 buses drop off within a mile of the beach entrance and the Brown and Purple lines have an accessible stop at Sedgwick. If using the Metra trains, please consult for additional directions. Millennium Park Garages offer discounted parking packages and there is a free shuttle to North Avenue Beach dropping off at 1600 N Lake Shore Drive. For more information, please consult


5. Are Assistive Listening Devices available? Not at this time.


6. Is Audio Description Available? Not on site, however, we are working to get audio description of the planes, sounds, and performers on our website. There is also a live broadcast on WBBM that follows the event the day of. Video livestream is available at


7. Are Accessible Restrooms Available? There are permanent restrooms with accessible stalls inside Castaways and accessible port-a-sans around the site. Some of the portable restrooms are located on the sand.


Additional Event Information

  • Wheelchairs are not available onsite
  • In the event of rain, do not take shelter under any tents
  • This event is very loud and very crowded. Noise cancelling headphones might be helpful for some guests
  • A service animal relief area is located next to the accessible seating section
  • Should you need to make an emergency phone call, please reference the vertical numerical signs attached to all light poles to indicate your location



Concession stands are located along walkways. Some are located on the sand. Castaways, the permanent building concession, will also be open during the event.

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