Shawn Decker: Prairie

Shawn Decker: Prairie - February 8–May 5, 2013

On the Prairie - February 16-17, 20, 28; March 2-3, 23-24, 27; April 20-21, 24, 2013

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Shawn Decker: Prairie
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Shawn Decker is a composer, artist, and teacher who creates sound and electronic media installations and writes music for live performance, film, and video. Prairie references the dynamic rhythms of grasslands and the rich soundscape and eco-systems found within, evokes insect sounds, as well as rain, wind, and other rhythms of life within the prairie, enacted within a architectonic minimalism.

On the Prairie

In these diverse dance performances created in reaction to Shawn Decker’s work, audiences are offered an alternative point of entry into Decker’s installation. Participating artists are Elements Contemporary Ballet, The Space/Movement Project, Adam Rose / Antibody Corporation, and atom-r.

Performance are listed below:

Elements Contemporary Ballet


Elements Contemporary Ballet

February 16-17, 20; performances at 12:30 pm & 4 pm

Chicago Cultural Center – Yates Gallery

Admission: FREE

An original 30-minute work composed of 10 short segments by 10 different choreographers, this is an unexpected, experimental collaborative work in which the intersection of the unique, individual voices of the choreographers parallel the random connections and systems of likeness in the sound and motion effects of Deckers’ installation.


Out of Step in the Same Direction

The Space/Movement ProjectThe Space/Movement Project

February 28, March 2-3

  • Thursday & Saturday performances: 12 Noon, 1 pm, 2 pm
  • Sunday performances: 1 pm, 2 pm, 3 pm

Chicago Cultural Center - Yates Gallery

Admission: FREE

The Space/Movement Project’s ongoing exploration of ensemble and individual injects environment into the fold in Out of Step in the Same Direction. While performers embody each other’s habitual movement tendencies, they will simultaneously discover ways in which both Decker’s installation and the audience influence physical choices, using their athletic approach to contemporary dance to canvas the space with quirky gesture, sweeping spatial paths and bold weight share.  


Telekinesis Experiment No. 1

Telekinesis Experiment No. 1

Antibody Corporation

March 23-24, 27

  • Saturday performance: 3 - 6pm
  • Sunday & Wednesday performance: 12 Noon - 3 pm

Chicago Cultural Center – Yates Gallery

Admission: FREE

In Telekinesis Experiment No. 1, Antibody Corporation will interact with the installation Prairie telekinetically, attempting to both influence its behavior and allowing it to influence the performers.


Field AnatomyAtom-r


April 20-21, 24, 1 - 2 pm

Chicago Cultural Center – Yates Gallery

Admission: FREE

Atom-r (Anatomical Theaters of Mixed Reality) presents Field Anatomy, which extends the compositional system of Prairie through a series of embodied, object-based, textual and virtual responses, re-mapping, interrupting and re-staging in-progress material "on the prairie." 

Also in April, the Chicago Cultural Center Presents an ambitious collaborative effort from four distinct dance groups that will perform on stage at the Jay Pritzker Pavilion.


Closing Reception

Friday, May 3

5:30-7:30 pm, Yates Gallery 


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